The Parker House – part one

When we bought our home a year ago I imagined living in it forever. I believed everything we could ever want could be added, updated and bedazzled in this house. Sadly, life intervened. The mister got a great new job on the other side of Denver and so, we are leaving our first home.

Almost every room has a Pinterest project or two so I thought I’d share my home with you – with links to the tutorials.


6277 Old Divide Trail Parker-large-001-1-Exterior Front-1500x999-72dpiThe trim on our house was originally an awful shade of brown. One of our neighbors called it the poop and pee house. The new color is BM Baby Seal Black – it’s actually an odd blue-purple on our south facing house.

6277 Old Divide Trail Parker-large-003-10-Exterior Front Entry-1500x1000-72dpiWe pulled up the fancy weeds in the planters and replaced them with bluebell flowers and dogwood bushes. The wreath was a ladies night project. It’s looks pretty good considering the two big bottles of moscato we shared while crafting.

6277 Old Divide Trail Parker-large-004-3-Front Patio-1500x1000-72dpiI found this bench in pretty bad condition (ok, it was in the trash). It took me over a year to remove the avocado paint – mostly because I was lazy. I replaced the slats on the seat and used my boyfriend, the Graco paint sprayer. The paint is a 75/25 combination of BEHR classic silver and the BM Baby Seal Black.

Just inside is our front room. It’s a HUGE impractical space but one of my favorite rooms – thanks to Pinterest.

It’s a long and narrow layout. I read somewhere that rooms need clear definition; so, I divided it into two spaces – a study and a sitting room.

6277 Old Divide Trail Parker-large-006-5-Living Room-1500x1000-72dpi

The planter on the table is from Home Depot. I can’t remember the name of the paint but it’s BM. I love them! They are a cheap and easy way to update your decor. I have three of them in different colors throughout the house. The mirrors are from Target. I got them on clearance for like $5.

I painted the leaning bookshelves and entry table with a custom BM color. It was color matched to our coffee table (in another room) and it’s used throughout the house. It’s truly the best white ever. If you are interested in the formula let me know

6277 Old Divide Trail Parker-large-005-24-Living Room-1500x1000-72dpi

The stain is Minwax Weathered Oak and the paint color is a mix of about 6 colors. Primarily, BEHR Smokey Slate. I would paint everything in my house this color if I could. The chairs were another Varage Sale purchase. I reupholstered the chairs with fabric I found on clearance at Joanns and used the same paint and stain as the round table. I reupholstered the chairs with fabric I found a few years ago on clearance at Joanns and used the same paint and stain as the round table. The pillows are from Etsy.

I even searched pinterest for tips on how to arrange stuff on a bookshelf.

6277 Old Divide Trail Parker-large-008-28-Dining Room-1500x999-72dpi

According to the floor plan this nook is our dining room. But I made it into a sitting room. The curtains are from Ikea. I searched for tips on hanging them. Sitting in the window is a family established sign. Inspired by this tutorial (with a few changes).

6277 Old Divide Trail Parker-large-007-9-Dining Room-1500x1000-72dpi

The ottoman was from a old living room set – I reupholstered it with tips from this tutorial and fabric from Hobby Lobby. The couch and chairs are from Ikea. (Yes, I got them on craigslist). The photography art (purchased from Etsy) is a extreme close up of the sun reflecting off the ocean.

Before Pics

The poop and pee house

The poop and pee house


I also bought the round table from VarageSale for $20.


Both chairs were a $40 Varage Sale purchase.

Front Room

Study. The light, in addition to all of the brass in the house, was spray painted silver.

Front Room 1

Sitting room/dining room. We removed the hideous brass light.


Snowballs!Snowballs!I love Christmas – especially when it comes to crafting. My holiday board is bursting with projects I want to do. The inspiration for my Snowballs was one of the first projects I pinned when I joined Pinterest over a year ago. Sadly when I actually clicked on it, I discovered it was just an image so I had to do some improvising.

One thing I want to gloat about is that every single thing I used for this project I had in my craft room. It was the best feeling! A year ago I would have had to make fiftyeleven trips to Michaels. I feel like a pro!

Anyway, I bought the foam balls from the Dollar stores about a year ago…Snowballs!

I used a black sharpie to dot the eyes…DSC00732

Added a cheery smile…Snowballs!

Used a little dab of kids acryllic paint in orange for a carrot nose.Snowballs!

Added some red paint for frosty red cheeks. It took me a while to perfect this. I used my thumb and a wet paper towel and a dry paint brush. Dab your thumb in the paint, blot it a few times on the wet paper towel and then tap tap tap on your snow ball like so. I also used a dry paint brush to sort of smudge it around a bit.Snowballs!

repeat repeat repeatSnowballs!

I used some old hemp yarn for the bows and attached with a glue gun. I glued the ribbon to the foam and then tied it in a bow. It was pretty annoying/tricky to do. Unfortunately, my Cali girl roots peeked out and I like totally forgot to take a picture of this step. oops :(

Once the snowballs dried, I tossed them into a vase! and by “tossed” I  mean obsessively spent several minutes arranging them so they all faced the right way :)Snowballs!


A Little Birdie Told Me


This is a free pattern found here DSC00054-Edited

The pattern is pretty easy if you have intermediate knitting skills so this is going to be a relatively short blog. I followed the knitting pattern. However, I did alter the next few steps a bit.DSC00057-Edited

Sew your birdie’s head and back closed using the mattress stitch. DSC00063-EditedStuff it full of fluff and sew up it’s bum.DSC00066-Edited

Once you’ve finished stuffing and sewing your birdie closed, use the leftover yarn to make the hanging thread. Just thread the yarn through the bird and make a tiny knot – be sure to leave a big loop. Don’t worry about making them all the same length. The varying lengths give them character. little birdie told me

I did add eye’s.. but it looks a little creepy. However, If you like them…DSC00060-Edited

I loved making these and love how they look hanging in my bedroom window. I also stuffed a few with potpourri and hung them around the house.

Something Fishy Baby Blanket


School of Fish Baby Blanket DSC00028IMG_0326This baby blanket was made for Tara and her new son. I knew I wanted to make something artistic like the cherry blossom blanket I had made last year. The first thing I needed was a blanket “base”. I decided to use a pattern, so I searched for several months (and tried several patterns) until I found this pattern on Ravelry. Next I searched for colors and a theme. Although the name of the pattern is “sprinkled flowers”, it looked more like sea shells to me. I think that’s what directed me to a nautical theme and I thought fish swimming on the blanket would be fun and different.


This is not a free pattern, so I won’t go to far into detail but I did make some changes. I used 10 skeins (1090 yards) of Knit Picks Comfy Worsted yarn in Seafoam instead of the DK weight yarn called for in the pattern and I chained 175 to get a significantly larger blanket. I used a G size hook to keep the stitches tight. I also crocheted into the back stitch which is what gives the line across each row. The pattern does not provide this instruction, but the pattern author suggested this tip via email and I really liked how it looked.School of Fish Baby Blanket Trim
I think this is one of the best parts of the blanket. I love how it looks and think it makes the blanket unique. I used 1 skein of Knit Picks Comfy Worsted in Ivory and about 1/2 of a skein of Knit Picks Shine Sport in Willow.School of Fish Baby Blanket I did find the spike clusters a little tricky to make. There was only one video tutorial on YouTube, but it was not the same type of cluster, so I just practiced for a few hours until I managed to get the tension right and poof! kick ass spike clusters all around!

School of Fish Baby Blanket Fish
I made a bunch of fish. I used this pattern and my old favorite DMC embroidery thread because it comes in 500,000 colors (slight exaggeration). I folded the thread in thirds and made a ton of fish in a ton of colors.

School of Fish Baby Blanket

Arranging the Fish
They say that you are your own worst critic and I am almost abusive. I doubt everything I make. I take apart completed projects because I missed one stitch. I second guess colors I’ve chosen and when I make something that isn’t from a pattern I become convinced that it’s wrong and ugly.

Too random?School of Fish Baby Blanket

So I asked for advice when I started arranging the fish and I got a different opinion from everyone I asked.

Too uniform?School of Fish Baby Blanket

Finally, I went to one person in my knitting group and through a series of emails and pictures we managed to come up with something that I was pleased with long enough to start sewing it down. Unfortunately, it required more fish and more pinning.

Just right!School of Fish Baby Blanket


Sewing the flowers onto the Cherry Blossom Blanket took 8 weeks of 10 hour days, so I was prepared for a repeat of that. In preparation for this project, I even considered moving the dining room table into the living room so I could watch TV while working on it. However, It only took me three days to finish this. I still can’t quite believe how fast I finished it. I’m definetely motivated to make another one, just have to pick a theme!



**My husband and I are adopting and I’m crafting for donations! if you are interested in this blanket or have a custom order please contact me.